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We are a medium-sized enterprise, this you founded in Eltmann in 1951. We work local leaves and Conifers, mainly common beech.

As a family business, the connection to nature is very important us and therefore we watch very closely on our wood.
We use only certified wood from the region which comes from sustainable forests. This creates and receives jobs and protects our resources.

Our services in the field of wood production are varied. Through our State of the art technology of sawmill, we can get quickly and reliably meet customer requirements and are thus able to provide always a high and consistent quality of wood. There we are with our name.



To meet the stetik increasing market requirements we have 2005 invested in State of the art cutting technology. Therefore, we are fast to react without compromising our high standards of quality to customer requirements in the position.


In our planing facility we have specialised in the processing of our Woods, mainly larch.


In the course of the processing and refining of raw wood the professional drying of the wood is a vital and important step in order to ensure a high quality product. That we attach much importance.


Exactly like the dry an important meaning also comes up to the wooden steam in the wooden refining. Expertly a guarantor is pursued for constant high quality.



Featuring the latest sawmilling technology process we record and produce a high-quality hardwood lumber prepared to special customer needs it. We use only native wood from the region because only in t his way we can provide our customers of a consistent high quality. Since we very carefully produce resources, we can supply you various levels of quality.


igh-quality larch wood. You will find with us. We process larch with special care and offer a variety of profiles for facades, terraces, planks, fences etc. for our end and small customers.



We are a medium-size enterprise, which was created in the year 1951 in ELT man. In order to increase the enterprise, 1973 had to be resettled after Wonfurt. In the year 2005 our ultramodern innovative block belt saw plant was taken in enterprise. Starting from that 01.01.2005 the sawmill Erhard Reitz was replaced by the sawmill Reitz GmbH. The managing directors are now Philipp Reitz and its both sons Andreas and Thomas. Our sawmill has today 16 employees and 2 apprentices. We edit native hardwood and Conifers, mainly beech and larch


We live and love wood! Our knowledge about it is in each wood product which we supplies. For us wood is the daily life and we is this much obliged. Lasting forestry is for us must, it receives jobs and preserves nature. Our wood originates from the region, this guarantees short delivery ways and a constant outer exchange with our ancillary industries. We use resulted remainder wood to operate our drying and Steamingroom and are thus independent. This guarantees a high quality and is good for the environment.


Here you will find our job postings.


Sägewerk Reitz GmbH
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