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With the most modern saw work technology we process larch and produce out of this a high-quality needle cut timber prepared on the special customer needs.

Prism, rough construction, raw shapers, Glattkantbretter, corrugation profile, tongue and Groove (also with bevel)

Tree species European larch Origin Eurasia, North America Color reddish brown to red-brown Density mean European Larch 550-590 kg / m3 Density limits European Larch 400-850 kg / m3 Axial shrinkage 0,3 % Radial shrinkage 3,3 % Tangential shrinkage 7,8 % Flexural strength 93 N/mm2 [1] Compressive strength 48 N/mm2 [1] Tensile strength 105 N/mm2 [1] Thermal conductivity 0.13 W / km Energy value 4.4 kWh/kg

The larch is approx. 20 to 40 meters high. Up to a height of 15 to 20 M the tribe is free of load. The stem thickness is 60-100 cm. The sapwood is 1-3 cm wide and has a yellowish tint on. The heartwood is rotbräunlich in color and darkens after later. Larch wood is highly weather-resistant and very durable even under water.It is also fungi and Schädlingsresistent.